Church – A Place of Solace

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Unique Culture

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A Place of Unity – Church

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Family’s Bedroom: One for Too Many

This is the portion of the bed, little table, and we can also see wallpaper. The bed is very narrow and Victoria mentioned that her three cousins were sleeping on it. The bed really seemed as if it was about to break, which created dangerous condition. The little table contained a small book, which Victoria read in school. Despite the fact that she was eleven, she was put into the kindergarten because she couldn’t speak English. The room was packed with people, some sleeping on chairs, others on the floor, and few on the bed. Sleeping on the actual bed was truly a luxury and I feel this picture is important as it really portrays the poor conditions immigrants faced in 1900s. – Svitlana Makoviy P-3


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A Family’s Solace Place

This is the portion of the tiny kitchen. The only thing making it comforting is the fireplace. We can see that there was little room for storage as all the dishes and pots for cooking were placed on the fireplace. Also, right next to it there is a stove, which was also use for ironing clothing. Ironing was extremely dangerous as the whole metal iron was getting hot and there was a high risk of getting a burn. This is my favorite picture, because it grasps many aspects of the kitchen, including walls and a window. The apartment had ten people and some were even sleeping on the floor on the kitchen, despite the danger of rats. – Svitlana Makoviy P-3

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I felt this picture is very important because it illustrates the portion of the bedroom wall and the type of lighting. There was a charge for light and the bedroom itself was very small. The color of the walls was dull and sometimes to save money the electricity was cut off. The portion of the curtain can be seen in a form of a worn out rug, which made the room seem even more miniature and depressing. Today we associate light with something great, a symbol of hope. I couldn’t help but keep on imagining what it was like to live in a cramped apartment without much light… Yet when the electricity was on, even then it seemed to bring solace to their miniature apartment.  – Svitlana Makoviy P-3 

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Tenement and Harlem Field Trips

Most of the last 26 scholars who attended the Tenement Museum Tour 5-11-11.

Your job, continue this blog with your own unique video interviews, recorded data and photos, all with detailed write-ups like those sampled on the class blog:

Street Artist, Joe Mangrum, 4-29-11 (Carson)

Crocheted Bike – Brooklyn Bridge (4-27-11)                                             – Washington Gibaja-Tapia

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